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Quad 4 Teen Moms

Quad 4 teen moms (quadra hedron inc) career training and development

Who Are We? WHAT DO WE DO?

We Are You!

Having a child can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. How awesome would it be to have a “ teenage pregnancy or teen mom manual” to teach you everything you need to know? Well, there is no such manual. And even if there were, you can’t trust one author’s way of thinking when there are so many parenting styles to choose from.

We decided to create this 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Columbus because we want to lead by example. (A  nonprofit  organization  is  a  company  that  helps  people  in the  community  improve  in  some  way.)  But who are we? We are Self-Employed Moms with a lot of work and business experience. We intend to share what we know with the next generation. Having the type of skills that businesses are looking for will definitely make them like you more.

You can call us Moms, coaches, or even Mom Coaches. Our title  is not as important as what we want for you.

We offer Training  Workshops  with  Topics of  Discussion  like:

Work  Ethic  and Etiquette

Parenting  and Co-Parenting

Grocery  Shopping  and  Meal Preparation

Personal Care

Time  and  Money  Management

Working  for  Yourself  v  Working for  a  Job

Starting  Your  Own  Business

The topics of  discussion  will  change  based on  trends.  Get  to  know us  at  one  of our  focus groups.

Our  vision is  for  Mothers to  be  educated,  socially  independent  and  financially  self-sufficient, and  for  their children  to  grow  up  in happy ,  healthy  households.


how you can help us


Spread the Word

If Teen Moms don’t know about us, they won’t let us help. Help us get the word out. Tell people about us on your social media page or by telling your friends and family.

Let’s show new moms that there are resources for teenage pregnancy or parenting in Columbus through our nonprofit Q4TM.

We Need Teen Moms

If you, or someone you know is facing teenage pregnancy, or is a teen mom age 16 to 24 in Columbus, just know there are many of us who care. Our nonprofit wants to see you succeed. Let’s teach and help each other!

Loving Moms who Want to Coach

Do you have a passion for teaching? We are always looking for positive of women and mothers to teach career development, work ethic, positive parenting and etiquette.

Teenage pregnancy and parenting in Columbus is increasing at an alarming rate. Volunteering for our  nonprofit gives you the opportunity to directly impact teen moms and their children in the best ways!

Send Us Your Ideas

We are always open to fresh new ideas to improve our program and continue to sharpen our own skills. We greatly appreciate your perspective.

Feel free to keep us posted on issues related to teenage pregnancy and teen moms in Columbus. Our nonprofit is dedicated to staying abreast of the needs of our members, interns and community.


Our nonprofit provides career training and development to young women facing teenage pregnancy, or have recently become a teen mom in Columbus, OH.

We are thankful for any gifts of cash, gently used office supplies, new computers/accessories, and most importantly, the gift of your time. In-kind gifts help us offer state-of-the-art training specific to today’s innovative careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are located? Our office is located in Downtown Columbus, OH.
  • What do you do? We show our interns, whether they are facing teenage pregnancy or have recently become a teen mom, how to manage being a mom while also providing for your family. We offer basic life, work and business skills training.
  • How long are the trainings? Usually between 30 mins to an hour, depending on topics discussed. Trainings are virtual and live.
  • How long do I have to volunteer for your nonprofit before I am eligible for paid work? If you are over 18 years of age, you are eligible upon entering our program as a volunteer. You may split your time between volunteering and working for a period of time.